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We are pleased to inform you all of the formal receipt of communication on the above forthcoming Convention from FIDA International. The Convention is scheduled to hold as following:

Date: 13th – 17th November, 2017

Venue/Location: The Grand Lucayana Resort Freeport, Grand Bahama, in the Bahamas.

Convention Fees: $ 300 (Dollars) per delegate.

Purpose of The Convention
FIDA holds International Conventions every 3 years in the country of the current President. The Convention is one of the ways in which FIDA realizes her objectives. At the Convention, members generally make a comparative study of some particular phase of the law, write and present papers, have discussions after which they come to  a consensus, conclusion which are published in our periodicals, and are embodied in resolutions which are circulated to be acted upon by members in their respective countries.

The Convention also gives members the opportunity to become personally acquainted and network with members from different regions and cultures to understand each other better and formulate policies to make our Federation more effective in carrying out our objectives.
In view of the above, FIDA Nigeria wishes to advice Branches to ensure that the above information is well disseminated to members to enable us start coordinating all the details in good time.

FIDA Nigeria will request for a letter from FIDA International which will contain all the names of registered delegates for presentation at the Embassy for all the travel arrangement.

As a way of preparation, Branches should please note the following:

1. All fees are to be paid and collated through the branch Chairpersons/officials
2. All intending delegates must have paid their national dues for the past 2 years.
3. Every delegates will pay the sum of N10, 000 (Ten thousand Naira) as administrative fees to FIDA Nigeria.
4. Names used for registration must be the same as it appears on the data page of one’s International Passport.
5. Each delegate is responsible for their accommodation, and travel arrangement. FIDA will furnish you with any available information as we receive such.

6. Delegates are strongly advised to get themselves acquainted with what FIDA stands for, why the convention and any useful information on FIDA and what you stand to gain by attending. (This will help against any surprise or embarrassing question at point of Visa Interview).

To register, click here

“A stitch in time saves mine” The earlier we start, the better for us.
FIDA Nigeria wishes and hopes that we will be there in our number to be educated, relax our mind and to have a grand time in the Bahamas.


National Secretary

About Us

FIDA is the acronym for the Spanish name "Federación Internacional dé Abogadas" which translates to "International Federation of Women Lawyers". FIDA Nigeria is a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organization made up of women lawyers called to the practise of Law in Nigeria.

FIDA was formed in 1964 by Mrs. (Lady) Aduke Alakija in Nigeria.
FIDA Nigeria is a member of FIDA International founded in 1944 in Mexico by a group of women lawyers from Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Unites States of America.
FIDA Nigeria has been in existence for over fifty years and has branches in thirty-three states of the nation.

OUR VISION: A just, peaceful and equitable Nigerian society where women and children’s rights, interests are guaranteed, in which they have the freedom to choose and live their own future.

OUR MISSION: FIDA Nigeria’s mission is to promote, protect and preserve the rights, interests and well-being of women and children through the use of legal framework to ensure that they live free from all forms of discrimination, violence and abuse in the society.  


To enhance and promote the welfare of women and children, realizing that on women and children’s well being depend the happiness of the home and strength of the society.
To establish friendly international on the basis of equality and mutual respect for all peoples.
To promote the principles and aims of the United Nations in their legal and social aspects
To promote the study of comparative Law
To proffer advice to the government in all cases of neglect relating to women and children


1. In recognition of her work, FIDA Nigeria was honored by the Nigerian Government for their work on the Eradication of Drug Abuse.

2. Distribution of the African protocol on women throughout Nigeria, funded by IPAS.

3. FIDA Nigeria collaborated with Legal Aid Council and Federal Ministry of Women Affairs to Simplify the Child Rights Act.

4. Proffering advice to Government in all cases of neglet relating to women and children.

5. FIDA Nigeria collaborated with other CSOs, the World Bank and DFID for the National Gender Policy Dialogue project in 2012.

6. Advocating for Legislations that would promote the advancement and protecto of women and children.

7. The Women Protection Mandate Project is a platform through which FIDA provided legal support to female political candidates who wished to challenge election results where there were clear cases of irregularities that denied them the mandate. This served to increase the participation and representation of women in decision making and governance.

8. In Recognition of her work, FIDA Nigeria received 2 delegate slots to the 2014 Sovereign National Conference from Federal Government of Nigeria. 

9. FIDA Nigeria managed the Secretariat for Legislative Advocacy Coalition on Violence against Women. [LACVAW]

10. FIDA Kano State Branch collaborated with other NGOs and Government Ministries for a project on formalization of registration of land title in the state as a way of empowering women to ensure their right to own landed property.

11. FIDA Akwa-Ibom Branch established a temporary shelter for battered women.

12. FIDA Abuja Branch conducted a awareness campaign on the Violence against Person Prohibition(VAPP) Act

13. FIDA Abuja Branch in collaboration with MSH conducted training for orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) Caregivers at Asaba, Delta State.

14. FIDA Niger was instrumental in the setting up of a 7 man committee to review harmful traditional practices against women in Local Government Areas of Niger State.

15. In recognition of Pro bono work, several Branches enjoy a waiver on filling fees for Court processes. 



a] A person is qualified to be a member of the Organisation if She:-

(i) is admitted to the practice of law in Nigeria.

(ii) is a member of a State Branch of the Organisation and

(iii)Has paid the prescribed membership registration fee and annual dues at branch and national level.

b] Without prejudice to subsection(1) of this section, a law student may be admitted as a student a member of the Organisation on payment of a prescribed registration fee but shall not be entitled to vote or be voted for.

c] A female law graduate may be admitted as an associate member of the Organisation on payment of a prescribed registration fee but shall not be entitled to vote or be voted for.

d] The fees, levies and subscriptions are as set out in the first shedule of FIDA Nigeria constitution. 



Verse 1.

FIDA serves to bring Liberation

To all men in Contemplation

To enhance our world together

Is our noble goal for richer life.

Verse 2.

We bring light, through Education

To dislodge deeds of ignorance

With the tools of right Conviction

By the Law and Equity combined

Verse 3.

FIDA Stands for all the Children

FIDA Stands for equal Justice

FIDA Stands for all our Women

Who will rise to have their best for all

Who will rise to have their best for all

Who will rise…………. to have their best………….. for…… all…….!



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